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    Barbaro Updates: 1015 Update 6255: My piece, on Barbaro: Legacy of a Champion... more > (1996)

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    Barbaro, before the Preakness, Lydia Williams


    Asking for help, marketing the book.

    Video readings: Christmas Day; Laurel Futurity

    The Book: Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and his Legacy

    "The result is a captivating, beautiful volume that should find a special place on bookshelves and coffee tables of racing fans everywhere." Thoroughbred Times

    The book is available on

    Book Reviews

    Barbaro remembered (Most recent updates)

    Mission: ABR, a horseracing site and home to the Fans of Barbaro, is a community dedicated to honoring the legacy of Barbaro by improving the welfare of horses and the humans involved with them.

    How: ABR is dedicated to the fight of ending horse slaughter, to finding a cure for laminitis, to sharing horse-welfare and horse racing knowledge within the community, and to promoting action to accomplish these purposes. ABR is committed to helping rescue and support horses at all stages of the slaughter "pipeline" and not forsaking a single horse for the horse-slaughter movement. ABR supports other animal welfare and spiritual interests of FOBs as they evolve.

    Numbers: FOBs have saved more than 3700 horses and raised more than $1.4 million.

    Media Coverage of, and Fans of Barbaro.

    Anyone interested in horse welfare and honoring Barbaro's legacy is welcome to join.

    This site works with Alex Brown Racing Discussion Boards, Alex Brown Racing Wiki, Alex Brown Racing Facebook Group and Alex Brown Racing YouTube Group.

    This site is a resource, we do not endorse any rescues or organizations in general.

    About Alex Brown

    Alex Brown was the web master for which was a site that became Barbaro central. Alex has now left Tim (on good terms of course) and Fair Hill and traveled America, from one racetrack to the next. He started at Penn National where he spent three weeks as a freelance exercise rider. He then went to Presque Isle Downs, for five weeks during its inaurgural meet (September). He was a groom, hotwalker and exercise rider. Next stop was Keeneland for it's October meet working for Eddie Kenneally. He was a salaried exercise rider. He then moved to Churchill Downs with the same job for a couple of weeks. In November of 2007 he moved to Sam Houston Race Park, as a salaried exercise rider, to work for Steve Asmussen. In April 2008 he moved to Woodbine to continue working for Steve Asmussen. During the winter of 2008-2009 Alex moved to Oaklawn Park with Steve's outfit. He then returned to Woodbine for the 2009 meet. Alex is now back in the Fair Hill area, and wrote the book: Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and his Legacy.

    Alex will continue to provide general racing updates and other updates of interest to Fans of Barbaro with the hope that this site continues to serve as a platform for Fans of Barbaro.

    Alex has worked in racing for the last twenty years in North America, at Fair Hill Training Center. He has also worked in racing in the UK, if only more briefly. Alex has an MBA, taught Internet Marketing for ten years, worked in the admissions office at the Wharton School, and has written a couple of whitepapers on transparency and the use of blogs.

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