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Web Address: ACHE

P.O. Box 220109

El Paso, Texas


Phone: 915) 833-1737


Donations: Donation Page

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Description of Rescue

Animal Cruelty Heartline of El Paso (ACHE) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the eradication and prevention of animal cruelty in El Paso, Texas. ACHE’S mission is to investigate cases of alleged animal cruelty and neglect; to rescue, rehabilitate and give shelter to abused animals; and to educate the community in order to prevent cruelty to animals and associated domestic violence. ACHE actively tracks the prosecution of accused perpetrators of animal abuse and advocates for the enforcement of Texas animal cruelty laws. Founded on the belief that animal cruelty affects the overall quality of life in our community, ACHE works with a variety of local agencies to promote awareness of the issue to encourage citizen participation by reporting suspected cases of abuse.


Horses are beautiful, powerful and also delicate complicated creatures. They require constant care and can be expensive to own and care for.

Horses are abused and neglected for different reasons. Sometimes it is due to lack of education about how to care for the horse. Often times it may also be a lack of financial ability preventing the owner from providing proper care. Yes, sometimes it’s just cruel intention: they know their animals are too skinny or sick and fail to provide proper medical care and seemingly have no compassion.

Some basic things we always look for." These things include the availability of food and water, the condition of the stable and turnout yard, the knowledge and attitude of the owner, and the basic safety level of the environment. The physical condition of the horse of course will give us signs of many health related issues.

Below is a basic list of what we are looking for when we investigate animal cruelty or neglect as it relates to horses. Throughout our website you will also find pictures of what the horse looked like when we rescued it and what the horse looked like after being rescued and rehabilitated. These pictures are good teaching tools for what a healthy horse should look like and what a starved down horse will look like. If you suspect abuse or neglect of a horse and are not sure, report it to ACHE anyway. We will go out investigate and make sure there is no abuse or neglect being committed.

Please visit our Equine Page:

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