C bar J HorseHaven Rescue Inc

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Web Address: C bar J HorseHaven Rescue Inc

Name:c bar j horsehaven rescue

Physical Address: 15660 n. garnet rd. dolan springs, az. 86441



Paypal link:www.cbarjhorsehavenrescue.yolasite.com

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Description of Rescue

the c bar j horsehaven rescue was incorperated in 2011 on aug. 4th. we are a 501c3. located in dolan springs, az. 15660 n. garnet rd. 86441. current population of rescued equines is 16. weve been in operation since 2007 and rescue any equine in distress due to starvation, neglect, abuse, or from slaughter. fostering is between a 6 month and one year probation period. prospectective must make regular visits and spend as much time with horse as possible. education on care and welfare are included and practiced. owner will then recieve title of ownership. horses are taken in due to siezures by the az. doa or are given by individuale donors.open 24 hrs. 7 days a week and emergencies. to volunteer, please call bill or cindy 1-928-767-4355 or e-mail us at cbarjhorsehavenrescue@yahoo.com

Rescue Network

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