Flying Y Ranch Horse Rehabilitation Program

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Web Address: [[1]]

Name: Ami Thompson

Physical Address: 1640 P Rd. Loma Colo.

Phone: 970-618-8881


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Italic textFlying Y Ranch Italic text ==We are a horse rescue and rehabilitation program==

      Flying Y Ranch is a non-profit 501c3 official since jan. of 2004 see secratary of state Colo.    In the winter we are located west of the Colorado Rocky Mountains  (1640 P Rd Loma Colo).     In the summer we take the horses to our cabin property in the Uncompahgre Mountain range above Enoch lake. We are blessed with fresh mountain grass, clear streams with hundreds of acres they eat, play and roam like free horses. This is the best learning experience for horses that have never been in the Mtn's.   We have alot of people come up to camp, fish and of course horseback riding. 
       I do several camps for different groups, so far this year we are working with a boys club out of Montrose, Im doing a 4 day continental divide ride with abused and troubled women.  Working with the girl scouts, this group rides thru Rim Rock adventures (due to G.S legal stance) I oversee care and condition of the stable horses there.   Starting a jr. youth club at the high school, they will earn volunteer credits to graduate I also let underprivileged kids use horses for classes at Monument riding club and Aleta's 4-H group.   
      We schedual in advance by phone for group activitys, individuals wanting to get involved and adoptions.  Adoption are at our disgression if qualified they will be put on a list and informed when we have a possible match. 3, 6, and 12 month home checks no release on blue slip till this point then its stamped on the front saying  NOT TO BE SOLD AT AUCTION.  We give a lifetime warrantee if something happens he is to be returned to us  full refund.  If there is neglect on the buyers end he comes back to us with no monies returnd and banned from adoption with us for life. 
       You know how some kids bring stray dogs or cats home?  I was the kid after the neighbors horses.  My first was Dandy a retired barrel horse that was way to much for a 10 yr old, I could only stay on half the time but that was just fine.  As I got older I found dealing with horses was so much better than people.  My family is very well known for natural healing they've helped thousands of people and help found Natures Sunshine, becoming a herbalist was second nature to me.  I applied my knowledge to helping animals, I found the healing response was almost immediate.  I do light chiropractic use acupuncture therapy and will have my equine massage certificate by the end of the month.  I have been helping horses since I can remember owners would come over to ask for nutritional, structural or behavioral advise ect... 
       My first years I mostly dealt with abandoned horses.  I was then introduced to the tragedy's that occurred at the auction.  Horses would be claimed lame or named a bad horse because of bucking or irritability, cheap sold into a vicious circle of sales only to end up in a slaughter house.  It was not the horses fault he bucked when his back hurt or his feet hurt due to thining hoof walls he only lacked vital minerals.  The horses pay with thier lives because of thier owners lack of knowledge.  50$ and a chiropractor or 50$ to get the trace minerals that were taken out by the haying process a little flaxseed is that really to much to save a life. 
       I now have full knowledge of who the killer buyers are. My goal is not only to save rehabilitatable horses I have the need to educate not only on nutrition and care but threw natural horsemanship people should know thier horses individual needs.  When I am at a sale barn I get there early so I can inform knieve horse sellers about where those semi's are going.

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