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please be advised!! IRISH SPIRIT FARMS 4948 SE 85TH ST BERRYTON KANSAS ! it should be known that irish spirit farms is a fraud and a scam!!!i have had personal experience with the jeenifer roberts, will roberts,and the family john and carol lauber,the horse rescue is a means of personal income by deciete and the nice quaint stories and descriptions of the farm are just that stories,and this specific so called charity is a rip off and should never be listed with legitimate animal rescues,i have donated to and worked for these people only to find out that unaccountability and lies are very common and accusations of theft by jennifer against her own husband has been the result,any donations are a source of personal gain,there are also accusations of theft by decite of a legitimate horse ranch of materials,the inability,and unwillingness to provide required tax donation reciepts and confimation by the kansas secretary of state office of no registry leaves little doubt about weather this is a real charity creates a fradulent pretense,these people are good conns,and need to be exposed for the fraud it is! thanks for your attention bob c