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My name is Liz I have recently moved back to Louisville,Ky.I moved back home after living in Charlotte NC for five years. (So I am very familiar with horse racing.!) I live here now with my dog BJ, my cat Graymont and hubby Joe. I work in the medical field.

Horse Experience

I don't have any "hands on" horse experience but visited Churchill Downs, Keeneland and Ellis Park quite a bit. I never was much of a bettor just enjoyed going to the tracks to watch the beautiful horses. I never really studied all the aspects of the horses until Barbaro. I have learned so much from this journey.

FOB Activities

I have donated both to the Barbaro fund and the Laminitis research fund.I have also signed petitions to end horse slaughter. Hope to do more in the future!

FOB Network

I came upon this site shortly after the Preakness last year (thank you!) and visit TWR and discussion boards on a regular basis just haven't posted too much but I read ALOT! I have been talking with a few FOB's lately and hope to meet them soon!

My site and other sites that are useful

Questions from other FOBs

This this space available for FOBs to ask you questions. Answers can then be worked into the above content if appropriate.