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Web Address: Template Rescue WWW

Physical Address: 1857 Lake Emma Rd., Longwood, Fl. 32750

Phone:(407) 325-9640

E-mail: phelm@cfl.rr.com

Paypal link:

Fundraising Drives on ABR: 3 horses in seriour danger, need help. (9/11/08)

Media stories: (link to stories about rescue)

I am an individual that owns my own horses and boards horses for other people in Longwood, Fl. One of my boarders, Gayle Hair, educated me on Horse Slaughter and Horse Rescue. She has been working with Pure Thoughts for a number of years and enlightened me on all the terrible things that happen in the Horse Slaughter and Rescue world. She also introduced me to the Alex Brown Forum. Back in July of this year (2008) a message came through on the forum that there were 2 horses, a OTTB and her yearling that were in trouble in Eustis Fl, and asking if anyone could go and take a look at the two of them. I went and found 2 starving horses, so skinny, no sparkle in their eyes, no cog gins, no shots, and their dinner that night would be solely beet pulp. I removed them immediately and brought them home. They are my famous Savannah and Delilah that I have posted on the forum. They are still with me and doing wonderfully.

This is how I started. I do not plan on making a business of this, however anyone who contacts me with horses that need help, I will be there to do as much as I possibly can.

I have also participated in some of Pure Thoughts rescues and refer people to them for Horse Adoption. A lady and her daughter I referred in June did adopt an OTTB that is doing fantastic in her new home.

I am very new to all of this and learn more everyday, thanks to people like the members of the Alex Brown Forum.

Bottom line, I love horses and I can't turn away from one in need.

Pure Thoughts, Inc.

I have rescued a OTTB and her yearling. I still have them. When they are healthy and achieve their need weight we will find them forever homes, with volunteers from our barn to monitor their progress. I did this with my own funds.

I also rescued a Miniature. A man saw my boarding sign and called me and had a 1 year and 5 month old Miniature Stallion that he wanted to give to a good home. The same evening I went to see the horse to find he was living in their back yard and almost untouchable. He had worn the same halter since 5 months old that was now embedded into his head. I contacted all my friends that have horses and found him a home. The next day we picked him up, cut off the halter and took him to her home. He could not wear any halter for a month and was a handful. Finally he healed, she gilded him and now he is doing wonderfully. She loves him!

Feedback from FOBs

From volunteers who have visited the rescue etc which may include relevant links to the discussion board about the visit.

Questions from FOBs

This this space available for FOBs to ask questions. Answers can then be worked into the above content if appropriate.