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Aiken Standard, March 21 [http://www.aikenstandard.com/2011local/0322-brown-book Author will sign copies of his book on Barbaro Wednesday night at the Willcox]
Aiken Standard, March 21 [http://www.aikenstandard.com/2011local/0322-brown-book Author will sign copies of his book on Barbaro Wednesday night at the Willcox]
River Hills Foxhounds, March 21 [http://riverhillsfoxhounds2010.blogspot.com/2011/03/river-hills-foxhounds-1st-book-signing.html 1st Book Signing from Alex Browns - Greatness & Goodness: Barbaro & His Legacy]
Old Friends Blog [http://oldfriendsblog.wordpress.com/2011/02/06/sunday-february-6-2011/ Sunday February 6]
Old Friends Blog [http://oldfriendsblog.wordpress.com/2011/02/06/sunday-february-6-2011/ Sunday February 6]

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Media coverage of Fans of Barbaro, alexbrownracing.com and timwoolleyracing.com.


Aiken Standard, March 21 Author will sign copies of his book on Barbaro Wednesday night at the Willcox

River Hills Foxhounds, March 21 1st Book Signing from Alex Browns - Greatness & Goodness: Barbaro & His Legacy

Old Friends Blog Sunday February 6


Off-Track Thoroughbred.com, Dec 21: Q&A: Alex Brown discusses Barbaro’s legacy

Off-Track Thoroughbred.com, Nov 3: Alex Brown: Barbaro book is done, off to printer!

The Rail, June 4: Talking Belmont With Alex Brown

The Rail, May 14: Talking Preakness With Alex Brown

Bloodhorse, March 29: FOBs Play Role in Retiring Stakes Winner Dashboard Drummer

Tennis Life Magazine, March The tennis champion, the NASCAR driver, the race horse and her shocking win

stltoday.com, March 9: Slaughter of horses in U.S. could resume, in Missouri

Wilmington News Journal, March 6: Ireland: Images of Barbaro still vivid

Memphis Horses, February 24: Horse Hero, Alex Brown: Read this "Interview With Racehorse Rescuer"

The Equinest, February 23: Alex Brown – Interview With A Racehorse Rescuer

Animal Matter, February 21: Talking Horses With Alex Brown

Triple Dead Heat, February 9: Exploring the Greatness and Goodness of Barbaro

AshokaTech, February 5: Alex Brown, the Welfare of Horses and the Effect of Social Media

Bloodhorse, January 29: Three Years Later, the Legacy Lives On

Straight For the Horses Heart, January 27: Members of Congress, Celebrities, The HSUS Speak Out Against Horse Slaughter and Highlight Need to Protect Wild Horses

The Ottawa Herald, January 7: Tale of horse saved from slaughter by Waverly animal advocate races on


Turf Beat, November 18: Horse Slaughter: Complications and Intricacies

Wegwag, November 4: Bearing Witness – the Compassion of a Dedicated Horseman

Horsetalk, NZ, September 29: Racing insider's work saving horses highlighted

Woodbine Entertainment / The Score, September 26: Alex Brown Racing featured on The Score - Part 1 of 2 and Alex Brown Racing featured on The Score - Part 2 of 2

University of Delaware Alumni Relations, September: Alex Brown, BE '92 MBA

Down The Stretch, August 20: R U on Twitter?

The Brock Talk, July 24: A Special Tweet For Racing Fans

Thoroughbred Times, July 21: Moss helps retire Tour of the Cat to Old Friends

Philadelphia Inquirer, July 20: How jockeys get a leg up on victory (interviewed and quoted)

HRTV, July 4: Inside Information - Barbaro Statue

Salon, June 30: Horses to the slaughter (interviewed and quoted)

Triple Dead Heat, June 25: The Ubiquitous Alex Brown Speaks Out on Community and Horse Welfare

The Paper Tyger, June 23: All The Pretty Horses

York Dispatch, June 11: West Manchester Township woman provides love, home for former race horse

The Beckstrom Starfish Report, June 9: Alex Brown Racing: A Horse Welfare Community

New York Times, May 22: Barbaro's Brother Nicanor Heading in New Direction

Harper's Magazine, Links May 21: BEASTS OF THE EARTH

The Jurga Report, May 20: YouTube Video Contest Focuses on Thoroughbreds Rescued from Slaughter

USA Today, May 15: Horse racing fans follow Barbaro's brothers

The Rail, May 14: Fans of Barbaro Can Smile

The Rail, May 10: Rachel Alexandra Rearing To Go

Clear Admit, May 4: Knowledge@Wharton Spotlights Clear Admit’s Alex Brown Using Social Media for Social Causes

Knowledge @ Wharton, April 29: Social Media for Social Causes: Alex Brown's Passion for the Welfare of Horses

The Rail, April 26 Barbaro Memorial to Be Unveiled Sunday

Lexington Herald-Leader, April 25 Friends of Barbaro

Horsetalk, April 17, 2009 Thousands view anti-horse slaughter video contest

Thoroughbred Times, April 6, 2009 Exercise rider uses Internet to raise anti-slaughter awareness

Triple Dead Heat, April 3, 2009 Help Save Horses: One Week Remaining to Enter Alex Brown's Video Contest

BlogTalkRadio, March 26, 2009 Howling Ridge Radio

Fan 590: Down The Stretch, March 24, 2009 The issue of horse slaughter

BlogTalkRadio, March 10, 2009 Social Media for Social Causes

Down The Stretch, February 24, 2009 Son of Peteski Slaughtered

Arkansas Democrat Gazette, February 20, 2009 Saving horses a passion for Brown

Horsetalk, February 12, 2009 The battle for mindshare on the horse slaughter issue

CBS Evening News, January 29, 2009 Hope Springs From Barbaro's Brother

CBS Evening News Preview, January 29, 2009 Barbaro's Legacy Lives In His Brother

Down The Stretch, January 24, 2009 Horse Rescue at it's best: How Clever Allemont's life was saved.


Thoroughbred Times, December 26, 2008 Clever Allemont saved from slaughter

Down The Stretch, December 23, 2008 (reprinted) How Many Horses Can One Man Save?

Voted 2008 Sovereign Award as Outstanding Feature Story

Texas Thoroughbred, November - December 2008 Second Chance

Triple Dead Heat, October 21, 2008 End Horse Slaughter: An Interview With Alex Brown

EQUINE Ink, September 23, 2008 “Top Bunk” List Helps Past Champions Find Happy Endings

Horsetalk, September 17, 2008 New career beckons for former top horse

Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network, September 10, 2008 At The Races with Steve Byk (second half hour)

Horsetalk, September 4, 2008 Top racehorse narrowly escapes death

Down The Backstretch, September 2, 2008 A horse's final hours - my unhappy trip to a livestock auction

FAN 590 Sports Radio, August 29, 2008 Horse Slaughter Interview

Down The Backstretch, August 8, 2008 How Many Horses Can One Man Save?

Portfolio Weekly, July 15, 2008 Yourgie's Second Chance

Daily Racing Form, July 19,2008 Ask the Lord gets new life on farm

The Horse, June 30, 2008 Fans of Barbaro Plan Second Annual Celebration

Clear Admit, June 27, 2008 Clear Admit Staff Update: Alex Brown Works to Combat Horse Slaughter

Bloodhorse, June 26, 2008 Talkin' Horses: Alex Brown Exercise Rider and Horse Welfare Advocate

Texas Horse Talk, June 23, 2008 Fans of Barbaro Save Texas Winner

Horsetalk, June 2008 Sensible debate over unwanted horses would help anti-slaughter lobby

Toronto Star, Derby Day May 3 2008 Battle to save horses from slaughterhouse: Once racing days are done, even major stakes winners can be killed

New York Times Blog: The Rail, April 2008: Barbaro's Fifth Birthday

FOX News Tampa, April 2008: FOBs On TV for Barbaro

Bloodhorse, April 2008: Rescued Cappucino Kid to Old Friends

horsetalk.co.uk, March 2008 Big success for anti horse-slaughter lobbyists

Animal Law Coalition, March 12, 2008 A Report from a Citizen Lobbyist on the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act

University of Delaware: Review, February 2008: Former professor takes his love for horses to Capitol Hill

Wilmington News Journal, February 2008 Brown pushes for end of horse slaughter

Diva Marketing Blog, February 21, 2008 Where Are They Early Business Bloggers?

Sam Houston Race Park Program One on One with Alex Brown

Anti-Slaughter Advocates Will March on Washington Next Month


Washington Post May 19 2007 (front cover) Out of Preakness Tragedy, a Legacy

ESPN Sports Center May 19 2007 ESPN coverage Preakness Day on FOBs

AP, April 30 2007 Barbaro gets posthumous tribute

ESPN.com The Church of Barbaro

Online Fandom February 2007 From Barbaro Fandom to Political Activism


Daily Racing Form, December 12, 2006 Blog becomes the source for Barbaro

WJZ Eye Witness News, July 18, 2006 Barbaro Updates Help One Website Grow

Cecil Whig Online outpouring of support for Barbaro