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The purpose of this resource is to highlight OTTBs in the hopes that more people will recognize the value in owning an OTTB. This resource is part of a marketing program for off-track thoroughbreds (OTTBs)

When most people think about Thoroughbreds, they think of race horses running down a track, but how many think of what happens when they can no longer race? Some are lucky and move to the breeding shed, but not all race horses are so lucky. Many are slaughtered. However, thoroughbreds can and have become more off the track than on the track. They can be retrained as eventers, jumpers, hunters, dressage horses, trail horses, or simply grateful companions. You name it, these OTTBs can do it! There is Life after the track. Own an OTTB!

Here you can learn everything there is to know about OTTBs, from how to research your OTTB to where you can find one to own. You can also participate in the OTTB marketing campaign by adding your own OTTB to this resource to help further market these wonderful athletes.

This resource was inspired by Mango

Examples of a few OTTBs

How to add your OTTB to this section (and helpful editing info)

If you are struggling, please feel free to e-mail Mary or Kat for help.

* = indicates that page needs some updating...

Alexander Grandson of Sunny's Halo & Danzig. Starting a new way of life as a pleasure horse.

Ascot Doll Great Grandson of Northern Dancer out of Ascot Knight. Bred in Ontario by George Strawbridge Career: 111 Starts: 13 - 11 - 15, $253,518

Ashkal Way raced by Goldophin, this Grade 1 winner was retired in 2007 to become ESPN's Jeannine Edwards OTTB!

Ask The Lord earned over $765,000 in his career, purchased by the McPeek's, now "working" on their farm as a pony horse.

At the Ready Fractured his skull at age 2 - Gate injury. Raced at age 4. Now on his way to becoming an eventing horse.

Bid Approval Ran faster than his body could handle and injured himself. His racing owners looked to CANTER to help, and now he's winning ribbons in the Dressage ring

Blackwatch * retired sound after 15 starts, a son of Dynaformer who found a forever home, became a successful eventer, is now retired in KY

Blue Blue Sea

Bosse (Reg. name Secret Poise) Seasoned show horse, now serves as the perfect "school master"

Boyle Heights Kid aka "Boy" by Tinner's Way and a grandson of Secretariat. Boy loves the trails and we are now training in Dressage and hope to dabble in some jumping later on.

Brego Rescued off a feedlot in WA, this grandson of Seattle Slew found a new home, was rehabilitated and being retrained.

Bourbon Gingerbear* Three year old saved from slaughter by MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, started hunting as a whip's horse in the fall, now eventing (undefeated so far)

Capricious One Rescued by TB Friends in Woodland, CA and adopted. "Cappy" is a 2003 son of Bertrando. He raced as a 2yo, 3yo and 4yo before his rescue. He now has a new home and is his mama's Wonderboy.

Careless Dream* Rescued from abandonment in VA, now has a 9yr old girl to call her own.

Carson City Kid A seasoned racehorse that has traveled far to retire to the good life.

Casey's Smile* Now a family horse who loves all the attention from the grandkids!

Cayman* a mystery OTTB whose tattoo is being researched; he's become the mount of choice for a 6 yr old girl.

Cerulean Moon* A wonderful Dark bay gelding lucky enough to go from one good racing home straight to a new career.

Cheersto Glory Rescued by FFI at an end of season paddock sale. Now enjoying his new career as a teenage girl's first horse.

City by the Sea

Classalwayshows Canter USA - New England unites a hard-luck racing campaigner with an older re-rider!

Classic Maverick* Great horse recue story to be posted soon!

CloverSpecial horse looking for a forever home!

Courageous Comet Once a New York claimer now competing at the highest levels of 3 day eventing. Will be representing U.S. in the 2008 OLYMPICS in Hong Kong!!

Daves Gamble A CANTER horse, retrained and is now competing with teenage owner in the hunter ring in Maryland.

DayBeforeHer B'Day Rescued through Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program (FLTAP), Daisy is now in training for Amateur Owner Hunters.

Dixie Rumble A 5 year old CANTER Midatlantic retraining project, lightly raced, and is showing great potential for eventing.

DE North Branch 10 year old affectionately known as Sirius Black trained in dressage and just absolutely beautiful.

Desert Bloomer* Was still racing at age 9. Now retired and in training for dressage. My Best Friend - If his trainers could only see him now!!!!

Doctor Decherd Was on the Kentucky Derby trail 06, ran against Barbaro in the Holy Bull stakes - now retired off the track for a new life as a sport horse.

Don't Think Twice Has gone through a few owners, after the track, and is now an Adult Amateur Jumper, with his forever mom.

Do Play On Recently celebrating her 29th birthday, Play has done it all. After several successful careers (racehorse, broodmare, and showhorse), she now enjoys a quiet life as a trail horse and beloved companion.

Emperor Tigere*, from claimer to field hunter and trail horse via TRF

Epizootic An ex-steeplechaser who excelled in jumping, dressage and eventing (despite being a "bucking-master"), and after a few years on the show circuit, got reunited with his former owner.

Essa's Aim*Saved from slaughter by MidAtlantic Horse Rescue,now in training to event

First Tycoon Retired at 3, hated jumping, now a successful dressage horse.

Flint Hills A CANTER Midatlantic horse, retrained and now competing in eventing with his new owner.

French Forum, aka Madeira, by Open Forum. Was retired from racing at 4yo, and retrained for English Pleasure.

Frostatmidnight*, now known as Frosty. Another Canadian bred son of Ascot Knight.

Fugue, aka Dot, shown under Manhattan Fugue. New York bred, retired at 5 to his forever home where he was trained and competed in H/J and dressage. We celebrated his Quarter-Century birthday on March 30, 2008.

General Commander, now known as General, but with only one win, he soon found another line of work! He is in a forever home, training to be a three-day event horse!

General Forrest A CANTER Midatlantic horse who is now competing on the hunter circuit with his junior rider. A son of Forestry.

Ghost Town Meeting*

Great Rojo, aka A Kind of Magic. Purchased as a three-year old at the Virginia Hunter and Sport Horse sale September 1994. Evented.

High Roads First, now known as Arabel, rescued from Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program.

Hola C Bright, a very successful michigan bred who raced in the mid atlantic region and ended up being retired to his home state of Michigan. His name, connections and retirement make of a very interesting and peculiar story.

In Land, a Florida Bred gelding by Snuck In, he is now known a Nikki and has the kindest, most willing attitude of any horse at his barn. He is used mostly as a Western Pleasure horse, but does enjoy the occasional jumping and english flatwork.

Indy's Wolf A CANTER Midatlantic horse who was almost put to sleep because of some neurological issues, but after a year in pasture, was put in training and is now ready for a show jumping career!

Influent a Canadian bred son of Ascot Knight who succeeded on the US tracks and brought his owner Mike Becker more than he could ever imagine.

Jacob by Risen Star, acquired racing injuries, purchased from New Holland auction, recovered, and is now a pleasure horse

Jaguar Hope, a son of Turkoman and the "King of the $4,000 claimers," working to be King at the horse show circuit.

Jaguar Key, a former stablemate of Jaguar Hope who was saved from slaughter after a successful career, is now a much loved companion who's helping his owner get back in the saddle.

Jakestir* despite tons of blacktype in his pedigree, didn't break his maiden in 22 starts, this grandson of Damascus and Round Table is on his way to becoming an eventer.

Jewel In The Hills Retired from 3 years of racing in 2003. Great granddaughter of Secretariat. As of 2008, schooling 3rd level dressage.

Julie Hoo - now Dressed in Jewels Beautiful Unraced 4 yr old filly, 2 starts, but no go. Now in retraining to be a Hunter/Eq lady, and learning very quickly!!

Jumpin' Joe*, entered the CANTER Michigan program after retiring. Only won one race as a 2-year-old, but won the heart of his new family where he is living the pampered life as a pleasure horse and companion.

Kid Klondike

King Adam* Saved from slaughter by MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, now a family horse who shows for mom and kids!!

Liam Raced until the age of 8 and was donated to his current owner, who blogs about him and shows him in Dressage

Lights On Broadway Top Bunk listed horse, retired and now "bridle-less" pony at the track with Donna Keen

Lil Jewel 2005 mare. Purchased at the July 2008 Marshall, VA sale from dealer Jessie Austin. Reschooled and sold as a show hunter prospect, Philomont, VA.

Lil Man, Great Grandson of Affirmed: racehorse owner puts horse's welfare FIRST!

Linder Blue* Saved from slaughter by MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, now a teenager's dream come true!

Little Big Red, Adopted from trainer listings on LOPE: Being retrained as hunter/jumper and doing great!

Lockon Venus, Bought from local trainer and retrained as a successful jumper!

Lodovico* Saved from slaughter by MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, now showing with Caitlin in VA

Lord Hansel*aka Wyatt - shows under "Gunslinger" 1995 TB by Hansel by a Seattle Slew mare. His pedigree screams great racer, but he never was! Now showing 1st level dressage, showing extreme talent for lateral work and passage/piaffe work.

Luv Of The Century, Granddaughter of Affirmed and Great Granddaughter of Alydar. Purchased as a three-year-old from her race trainer who advertised her on the CANTER Ohio website. Has now found her forever home as a hunter/jumper prospect in Ohio. She just didn't want to run.

Makinacharge aka Tomcat. Purchased February 2005 at the Marshall, VA sale. A lovely horse being reschooled for eventing.

Mango (Reg. name: Allege Proof) From "problem horse" to Grand Prix Show Jumper...By Alleged/Damascus

Master's Choice Mr Prospector grandson, made the switch from the track to 3-day eventing and is competing at Advanced level!

Miss Rather* Saved from slaughter by MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, this granddaughter of Seattle Slew is now a successful equitation horse and jumper

Mr Persistency* Saved from slaughter by MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, now a great family horse who does it all- dressage, jumping with the girls, trails with dad and mom

MY LITTLE BEAN Saved from kill pen at New Holland and adopted by a teenage girl

[Pay Attention] was a Top Bunk listed horse that was retired sound from Penn National on May 30, 2009. He earned over $510k in his lifetime, only to end his career running at Penn's lowest claiming level.

Neartic Ice Came down from Canada after 8 years of racing with a wonderful female jockey who felt he needed a second chance. I now own him and ride with the Southcreek Foxhounds.His barn name is now Batman, is my pride and joy and loves his new job galloping with the hounds.

Premier Crown* 1991 SAF Gelding, has showjumped and evented and now at 17 still bouncy, willing, happy and settling into Dressage & just 'hacking around'

Press Forward* Saved from slaughter by MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, now a dressage/trail horse in MD

Rap* Saved from slaughter by MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, now a dressage/trail horse and best friend in NC

Red Attack* Dressage schoolmaster in PA

Rubiano Ruby retired from racing by Minnesota FOBs . Ruby dropped rapidly through the claiming ranks after an injury to her leg. Being retrained for new career.

Run Tuesday aka Ruby, 2004. Sold by then owner for $200 in the parking lot of the Marshall, VA sale September 2008. Subsequently new owner (dealer who frequently sells to New Holland) was tracked down. Purchased 10 days later by Jan Snodgrass. Ruby as been reschooled for jumping.

Rushtogreatness A 5yr gelding, Owners didn't want to wait the 4 weeks the track vet's said he should rest after he chipped his fetlock and gave him to Race Horse Reclaim in Hot Springs, Ar and I am glad they did as he is retraining to be my new Dressage partner.

Sabovee aka Bruiser, 1995 OTTB, raced until he was 5, winnings include the Liberty Bell Stakes in PA. Retired with a slab fracture. Currently showing Prix St George.

Sage AKA Missy Dale, 31 years old and still going strong. Raced at Caldera in 1979 according to the photo I have of her as a 2 year old.

Salty Celebration

Saint Kate aka Katie Rah, 2004 OTTB, adopted from CANTER Mid-Atlantic, learning dressage

Sandy Island Injured while racing, rescued and rehabbed, and is now an important member of the family

Save Me* on his way to becoming an eventer

Seneca will be an eventer after some time off

Shamrock Scope1997 chestnut sabino turf runner thrown away from Mntr. Park at age 5 to auction in 2003, saved by Live and Let Live Rescue and adopted by bare hoof care specialist in 2005, lots of rehab. Fractured coffin bone playing in paddock 2007 but now sound and started training for dressage in 2009 amazing heart in this horse!

Shardelisada 1988 Dk Bay mare, rescued from killer buyers and now mom to a handsome 2009 Swain (Ire) colt. She's enjoying her forever home and loves being a momma.

Sought Out, aka Katy. Purchased at the June 2008 Marshal, VA sale from dealer Jessie Austin for $350. Katy was emaciated and lame in two legs. A retirement home was eventually found in GA. She is happy and healthy!!

Staked Claim, aka Xcellent Adventure purchased at the Marshall, VA sale May 2002. Xcel is star of "Reschooling the Thoroughbred" at Quite a story about quite a horse!

Super Hero by Fusaichi Pegasus. Trainer hears about autistic boy's love for his horse, retires him to the boy.

Tattooed in the Nude retired for being too "slow," Tat got fat and bored as a lawn ornament, but is now in training for Prelim Eventing! Who knew he loved to jump!

Take Me Flying is a Finger Lakes Finest! Obtained in December 2009 through the Finger Lakes Trainers (online) Listing. He is learning to be an eventer, tailgater extraordinaire and personal psychotherapist to his human.

Tashanic broke track records; now a heart breaker at a childrens' camp

Thunder Dillon Once a racehorse; now part of the police force!

Tio Pote Rescued from a local Va. auction at least 100 lbs underweight, now back at his full weight and learning to be a pleasure horse and treasured member of the family.

Tis Unanswerable, aka Appol. Purchased in Spetember 2009 from someone who took in some Michael Gill castoffs to try and make a quick buck and apparently thought feeding or watering her would cut into those profits. Appol was emaciated and lame in all four legs and the vet thought she would have been dead in a week and is shocked she actually pulled through. She has always been the sweetest and most biddable horse anyone at the barn has ever met! After 10.5 long months and much TLC she is now back under saddle learning to be a Hunter on the flat and is very happy and healthy and loved!

Toby Not at the track for too long, he was retrained as a hunter/jumper and worked his way to the top levels now enjoying life as a trail horse

Tony The Preakness Pony Tony, once a successful racehorse, now has the important job as the outrider pony at Pimlico

Top Bunk Earned more than $575,000 running. When he reached the age of 11, his fans raised the money to claim him and retire him with honor.

Tricky Storm A true racing "warrior," Tricky retired at age 10 to LOPE (Lone Star Outreach to Place Ex-Racers) with lifetime earnings of $403,394 and 51 starts.

Triple Fax* Adopted June 2008 from Friends of Ferdinand Inc. - CONGRATULATIONS DENA! 9 years old and over 100 starts and retired sound.

Tunder Ponche Adopted January 2008 from TBFriends. A 2001 son of Ponche who raced 3 years & won over $100,000. He loves his treats & he is loved very much!

Twoey Champion race horse who wouldn't race without his goat nearby. Donated to CANTER -MI with his goat, he resides at a retirement farm (with his goat) in Missouri.

Violette Jolie Raced until she was 9 winning over $116,000, then was rescued from New Holland Auction to become my new best friend and first horse.

What's Your Wish Former champion PA bred two year old, saved from slaughter by MidAtlantic Horse Rescue and as of June 17th, now adopted by Bev Strauss-he still has quite a story to tell!

Whozoominwho Track veteran with 85 starts, now working towards a degree as "Best Friend"

Wind Digger* Saved from slaughter by MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, now a successful event horse

Wolfnbankersclothn* Saved from slaughter by MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, now a successful event horse

Yellow Tavern A future star on the eventing scene, from CANTER MA, retrained and starting his show career with his new owner in N.C.

Young Lord* Saved from slaughter by MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, now a successful jumper (ribbons at Devon!)

OTTB of the Week

We are offering a prize of $500, to be donated to the horse rescue of choice of the overall winning OTTB wiki page. Each week for the first nine weeks, we will select an "OTTB of the week". After the series is over, we will then have a voting process to select the overall winner. Criteria for selection includes the overall story of the OTTB as well as use of multimedia technology (youtube etc.) We hope this creates an incentive for OTTB owners to create cool pages for their horses! Pages that can be used to help market and brand OTTBs. Vote on your favorite OTTB below. Voting will close at 12pm (east coast time) Tuesday, August 12


CONGRATULATIONS Carson and Friends of Ferdinand

View results

Carson's owners have decided to split the prize money between Friends of Ferdinand and The Exceller Fund, as both those organizations were instrumental in saving Carson.

Here is the thread on the ABR discussion board, about the contest.

Week 9, July 21: Carson City Kid Read all about Carson here

Bonus winner week 9: Sabovee Read all about Sabovee here

Week 8, July 14: Courageous Comet Read all about Courageous Comet here

Week 7, July 7: Master's Choice Read all about Master here

Week 6, June 30: Do Play On Read all about Play here

Week 5, June 23: What's Your Wish Read all about Wish here

Week 4, June 16: Jaguar Key Read all about Jaguar Key here

Week 3, June 9: Brego Read all about Brego here

Week 2, June 2: French Forum aka Madeira Read all about "Madeira" here

Week 1, May 26: Fugue aka Dot Read all about "Dot" here

More OTTB Successes

Sites with their own listings of successful OTTBs.

Adena Springs, ON Canada

Akindale Horse Rescue, NY

Bits & Bytes FarmOur Web site has over 200 Success Stories and thousands of photos!

CANTER: MI, OH, North IL, New England, Mid Atlantic, PA CA (new addition)

Dallas Keen Racing Stable, TX

Exceller Fund

Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program

Fox Haven Farm, Inc. Retraining and Placing OTTB's in new careers. Located in North Central Florida

Friends of Ferdinand, IN

LongRun, ON Canada


MidAtlantic Horse Rescue

New Stride, BC, Canada

New Vocations, OH Standing in the gap for retired racehorses providing a safety net through rehabilitation, education and placement in qualified, caring homes

Phase II Thoroughbreds, ON Canada


Second Chance Ranch, WA

Second Stride, KY

Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue, CA

Thoroughbred Rehab Center, CA

Thoroughbred Placement and Rescue, Upper Marlboro, MD

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF)

Tranquility Farm, CA

United Pegasus Foundation, CA

Wood End Farm, IL

Websites where you can find OTTBs

Sites where you can find OTTBs looking for new homes.

20 Thoroughbreds from Louisiana Downs - Dallas & Donna Keen, TX, working on finding homes for URGENT MATTER - look here for info & pics

Adena Springs, ON Canada

Akindale Horse rescue, NY

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, PA

Bits & Bytes Farm, GA We have OTTBs at our farm and the resources to find Thoroughbreds at the track. We have Thoroughbreds in all price ranges. Our Web site has over 200 Success Stories and thousands of photos.

Charter Farms, Galena, MD

CANTER: North IL South IL MI MidAtlantic New England OH PA CA (new addition!)

Colorado TB Rescue

Dallas Keen Racing Stable, TX

Exceller Fund (National)

Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program, NY

Fox Haven Farm, Inc. Many Thoroughbreds in various stages of retraining and in all price ranges. Located in North Central Florida

Friends of Ferdinand, IN

GEVA, Glen Ellen, CA

Leighton Farm, Upper Marlboro, MD

Kentucky Equine Humane Center, KY

LongRun, Ontario, (CAN)


Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue, MD

Nantua Farm, KY

New Stride, British Columbia (CAN)

New Vocations Racehorse Adoption ProgramFacilities in OH, MI, TN adopting OTTBs with some transitional training to 38 states.

Phase2Thoroughbreds, Ontario (CAN)

Ponytales Rescue, Honesdale PARescuing all breeds of equine but specializing in OTTB's

ReRun: KY NJ ReRun, NY

Second Chance Ranch Washington State

Second Stride, KY

Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue,CA

TB Friends Rescue, CA

Thoroughbred Adoption Network Maker's Mark Secretariat Center, a Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation Facility at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Thoroughbred Placement and Rescue A 501(c)(3) retirement and retraining program run by horsemen for horsemen. Upper Marlboro, MD

Thoroughbred Retirement of Tampa - TROT Oldsmar, FL

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, KY, FL, MD


Thoroughbred Retirement Directory From Bloodhorse Magazine. By Name or State search engine.

United Pegasus Foundation, CA

U.S. Horse Outreach (USHO), OH

Wood End Farms A farm dedicated to retraining retired racehorses.

OTTB Resources

Resources for organizations that work with OTTBs and adopters of OTTBs.

Beyond the Track: Retraining the Thoroughbred from Racecourse to Riding Horse (Paperback) reviewed here: GREAT book- Beyond the Track

After the Finish Line, CA Provides funding and grants to rescue organizations across the United States to support the Thoroughbred racehorses in their care.

Blue Horse Charities Provides grants for each OTTB adopted out of a rescue.

Old Friends A facility for retired Thoroughbred Stallions in Kentucky

R.A.C.E. Fund A retirement fund for Thoroughbreds and racetrack pony horses: Philadelphia Park

The Exceller Fund Works with many other organizations in order to save as many Thoroughbreds as possible.

Thoroughbred Charities of America Provides grants to an US based rescue that works with OTTBs.

Turning for Home Brand new OTTB retirement program for the trainers and owners at Philadelphia Park, established by the Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association.

UK-based: Retraining of Racehorses and Racehorse to Riding horse

The National Horse Protection League NHPL exists to protect horses--from slaughter, abandonment, dangerous working, breeding and racing conditions and irresponsible owners.

Central NH but covering NE bare hoof care specialist with a passion for off the track thoroughbreds. Active rider+owner/rehab of barefoot OTTB's. Call or email with questions Free consultations. It's not about just the hoof, it's the whole horse! Heidi Meyer @Heavenly Hooves 603-568-4110 web site up soon!

OTTB Blogs

Second Chance Ranch Based in Washington State (Emerald Downs)

Training OTTBs - Retraining Thoroughbreds Notes and stories with links to other resources to help you get started correctly.

Horse tales from the Lope Ranch Texas

The OTTBs at Wood End Farm, IL Many are ready for adoption and their lives are written about often on this blog.

A blog about Liam the OTTB and his retraining Liam is training at Wood End Farm. This blog discusses his retraining and shows.

Bazzy Boy Racing Legend of Sorts A fun blog about Baz and his current life off the track. A fun and engaging blog!

Joe at Thoroughbred Friends Daily updates on the events and horses at Joe's TB Friends Rescue in Northern California.

Researching Your OTTB

Check the lip tattoo. E-mail the lip tattoo along with the color and sex of the horse, to identify your OTTBs name. Photos of the tattoo may help too.

Access Pedigree Query to look up your OTTBs pedigree.

You can also get a copy of your OTTBs Past Performances (race record) by ordering from:Equineline or

Track code list From Equibase

Tattoo Research Email Form NEW service from the Jockey Club

Tattoo Identification Services - General Information More info/help from the Jockey Club

Tips for Reading Lip Tattoos

A Thoroughbred tattoo is a letter followed by four or five numbers. The letter represents the year of foaling (see chart). Note: In tattoos that contain five numbers after the letter, the first number will be from zero to five.

The only exception to the letter is a foreign-born horse that was imported into North America. It will have an asterisk (*) in front of its tattoo number.

- Use a cloth to blot the lip to reduce shine and massage the area.

- Take the horse into a dim area and shine a flashlight, blacklight, or colored LED light on the tattoo from below the lip, then try the light at different angles.

- Take a digital picture of the tattoo and enhance the contrast. Note: Do not use a flash and take the picture on an overcast day or out of direct sunlight.

Thoroughbred tattoos (letter=year born):

A 1971 B 1972 C 1973 D 1974 E 1975 F 1976 G 1977 H 1978 I 1979 J 1980 K 1981 L 1982 M 1983 N 1984 O 1985 P 1986 Q 1987 R 1988 S 1989 T 1990 U 1991 V 1992 W 1993 X 1994 Y 1995 Z 1996

A 1997 B 1998 C 1999 D 2000 E 2001 F 2002 G 2003 H 2004 I 2005 J 2006 K 2007 L 2008 M 2009 N 2010 and so on...

OTTB Information

A GUIDE TO RETRAINING YOUR FORMER RACEHORSE by Priscilla Clark of Tranquility Farm, CA

A Guide For Future and Present OTTB Owners by Kimberly Clark of Leighton Farm Upper Marlboro, MD. Ms. Clark is a 25 year veteran of the racetrack bringing an honest look into life before and after the track. TN is dedicated to the promotion of the Thoroughbred Horse through educational programs.

North American Thoroughbred Society NATBS, Inc. works to recognize and promote Thoroughbred sport horses with a rewards program.

TRAA MidAtlantic Discussion Forum for the Mid Atlantic Region

Do Off Track Thoroughbreds make good riding/competition horses?

How many OTTB's are going Advance? Discussion on Chronicle of The Horse forum.

Guide for the re-training of OTTBs Some really good advice and also some cool/entertaining videos!

OTTB Media Coverage

Rolex eventer found horse at the track 4/19/09

Racehorse rescues on track Tampa Bay Online 4/11/09

NBC SHOWING SAVING THOROUGHBREDS A great piece on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams 11/21/08

The $600 mare and her $100,000 foal The Sydney Morning Herald 11/14/08 The Melbourne Cup winner, Viewed's full sister saved from slaughter!!

Suffolk Downs Bans Five Trainers Under Anti-Slaughter Rule The Horse (by Bloodhorse) 11/14/08

Registration Program to Benefit Retired Racehorses The Horse (by Bloodhorse) 11/11/08

Thoroughbred Adoption Service Launched for FREE Horses The Horse 11/1/08

Magna Entertainment Corp. - Media Release Oct. 10, 2008 Excerpt: Magna Entertainment Corp. announced today that it has recently formally adopted a company-wide policy promoting the humane treatment of racehorses. Under the policy, any trainer or owner stabling at an MEC facility who directly or indirectly participates in the transport of a horse from an MEC facility to either a slaughterhouse or an auction house engaged in selling horses for slaughter will be prohibited from having stalls at any MEC facility.

EXCELLER: A CAUSE CELEBRE Paulick Report 9/25/08 Excerpt: This Saturday, to honor Exceller’s Jockey Club Gold Cup victory, a number of racetracks across the U.S. will host a “Toast to Exceller Day,” in order to raise awareness and donations for the Exceller Fund and many other equine charity groups. A special cocktail, “The Exceller,” is being sold at several tracks, including Mountaineer, Finger Lakes, Laurel Park and Presque Isle Downs, with proceeds benefting the Exceller Fund.


“Top Bunk” List Helps Past Champions Find Happy Endings EQUINE Ink, September 21, 2008

New career beckons for former top horse Horsetalk, September 17, 2008

Trainer rides to the rescue The Boston Globe 9/17/08

At The Races with Steve Byk (second half hour) September 10, 2008

Top racehorse narrowly escapes death Horsetalk, September 4, 2008

Gift from Crown Prince boosts Racehorse Sanctuary. from UK - Led Zeppelin influence a horse box gift for a racehorse rescue in England.

Retired Racers Find a New Track Washington Post, September 4, 2008

Dubai Millennium horse retired TB Times 9/2/08 Excerpt: After the purchase of Watchtower, he was promptly retired and sent to The New England Thoroughbred Retirement Center. According to the center, Sheikh Mohammed also provided a “generous pension.” Kudos to the Sheikh!

Retired Horse Saved from Return to Track Bloodhorse 8/28/08

New pace, familiar place Times 8/16/08 Another great story about Funny Cide enjoying his retirement :)

Effort underway to raise funds to retire former Texas Horse of the Year Lights on Broadway Texas Thoroughbred Association 8/15/08

In People with Brangelina, horse farm finds fame Lexington Herald-Leader 8/16/08 A story about Old Friends

Tough cross country day sinks U.S. eventing team to seventh TB Times 8/12/08 Excerpt: For the U.S., veteran rider Amy Tryon, riding Poggio II who raced as Chesterstimetofly, fell from her mount after the 16-year-old Poggio II left a leg at fence ten and twice stumbled and Becky Holder and Courageous Comet, who raced in New York, cruised through the early going only to misjudge their line at 21a, the first element of the dragon fence. The 13-year-old gelding ran out to the right and when Holder tried to correct her mistake, she inadvertently crossed her tracks.“I didn’t stick to my plan, but my horse was really good,” Holder told the USEF after being assessed 60 penalties for her mistake.

Inside Track: Purple Haze Bloodhorse 8/6/08 About The Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program

Racehorses To Compete In Olympics Thoroughbred Times 8/5/08 Story about 2 OTTB's making their bid for Olympic medals in Eventing.

Rescue Effort Seeks Help for 46 Horses Bloodhorse 8/3/08 Discussed on ABR here And follow up-story: Horse Rescue Saga: Breeder Was 'Lied To' Bloodhorse 8/4/08...and more: Endangered Horses on Way to Being Saved Bloodhorse 8/6/08...and the conclusion: Endangered Mares Removed From Feed Lot Bloodhorse 8/15/08 SUCCESS

Contessa named president of Exceller Fund TB Times 8/1/08

SLAUGHTER GOES UNDERGROUND The Paulick Report 7/30/08 by Alex Brown Excerpt: Certainly as an industry we are becoming more aware of the problems facing our retiring stars. And kudos for the racetracks who have made these positive steps — especially those tracks that have assigned resources to actively support their retired stars

A Ride To Freedom The story of one of the 162+ horses saved from Sugar Creek - "Can't Stop the Beat" - a TB racehorse... Also see the respond from his breeder :)

The Thoroughbred Manifesto: a Proposal TB Brief 7/23/08 Thoroughbred Brief proposes a working relationship between the racing industry and horse sports industry to help our thoroughbreds transition from one to the other

Long Term Care Bloodhorse 7/22/08 by Herb Moelis (president of Thoroughbred Charities of America)

Ask the Lord gets new life on farm DRF 7/18/08 Excerpt: "Every winner that Kenny and I have, we donate money to the TRF," she said. "It's kind of an automatic way of giving back. There's an easy form for owners and trainers and jockeys to fill out and participate. It's a tax deductible donation."

Yourgie's Second Chance Portfolio Weekly, July 15, 2008

Happy day! Mananan Mclir saved! Racehorse Memorial Wall, Worldwide™ 7/13/08

A Horse Named Gus Bloodhorse 7/13/08 by Steve Haskin. The last paragraph:So ends the story, at least for now, of the great-grandson of Ribot who miraculously escaped slaughter and was reborn at the age of 35. At this point, his life after the track is nothing but a collection of blank pages. But for him to have lived this long and survived the inside of a slaughter house is a story by itself, and one can only hope those missing chapters will one day be told. What is important is that at age 36, well beyond the maximum age range of a Thoroughbred, Gus’ life has become one of contentment. Whatever miseries he may have suffered throughout his life, it is Schultz’ loving care and the happy final years she has provided him that he will take to his death.

Retired Racehorses Are Stars of the Show in Britain; Special Awards, Competitions Abound The Jurga Report, July 6, 2008

A Year Later: The Ultimate Retired Racehorse The Jurga report 7/4/08 About Funny Cide incl. VIDEO

Racehorse Rehabilitator Helps Transition to New Careers The Horse, July 2, 2008

Suffolk Downs begins zero-tolerance slaughter policy TB Times 6/27/08 Excerpt: “If a horse goes from here to the slaughterhouse, that's completely unacceptable,” Elliott said. “That trainer won't be here. I don't think that's anybody we'd want to have around. Mr. Fields is a strong believer in retirement idea. He's a big backer of it. The two are incompatible.”

Fans of Barbaro Save Texas Winner Texas Horse Talk 6/23/08

Program at Philly Park steers horses from slaughter June 21, 2008 Philadelphia Inquirer. Excerpt: "Through this program we hope to place our horses into the best retirement options. Horses found headed to New Holland may result in trainer sanctions and loss of stall privileges and will not be tolerated," Sinatra said.

Inside Track: Rehab Specialist Bloodhorse 6/17/08 Excerpt: Fusaichi Samurai, who in 2004 sold as a 2-year-old for a then-record $4.5 million. Gray is retraining “Sammy” to begin his new career as a riding horse.

It’s Over: What Now? June 12, 2008 The Rail. Tangentially related as I make mention of some of the old warriors still running. Comments, especially the latter comments, highlight the plight of these horses.

Thoroughbredtimes Ad Campaign cont' Belmont Results edition

Student helps rescue thoroughbred Reading Eagle 6/9/08 Thoroughbred rescued from killpen by student and Another Chance 4 Horses

Finding a Second Life for Aging Race Horses ABC News, June 8 2008

Thoroughbreds given a second lease on life NBC News "Making a Difference", June 8 2008

Beverly Strauss of MidAtlantic Horse Rescue 6/3/08 Great comments from a highly regarded woman in the Thoroughbred rescue/retraining business.

Inside Track: Happy Trails Bloodhorse 6/2/08 About Super Hero, now Morgan's OTTB, and Mike Becker, who used to own Influent, now Gwen's OTTB.

Previous owner responds to Little Cliff’s rescue TB Times 5/28/08. Excerpt: Partly because of what happened with Little Cliff, and partly because it was already in its formative stage already, the Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association has begun an initiative to provide trainers with a place … to retire horses no longer able to race and in need of a home and We also strongly condemn all horse slaughter and across the border horse transport for slaughter. (LaBuzz)

Options for Ex-Racehorses The Horse, May 26 2008

Hope for injured racehorses LOPE on the Austin, TX news 5/28/08 (video) Transcript of news story "Rehab ranch offers hope for injured racehorses"

Retraining the Thoroughbred from Racehorse to Riding Horse Equestrian Magazine

Retired Thoroughbreds: Athletes for All Occasions May 27, 2008 NYTimes The Rail.

And They're Off - To Slaughter May 25, 2008 Tampa Bay Tribune

Pennsylvania HBPA helps launch equine retirement fund TB Times 5/24/08 Pennsylvania HBPA helps fund the RACE Fund

Race horses are busy well after careers are overMay 24 2008; Fort Erie, Canada

Rescue Highlights Danger of 'Free Horse' Offers The Horse 5/23/08

Saving Horses, One Thoroughbred at a Time GREAT article in the NY Times 5/17/08, by John Branch. Highlights Re-Run and MidAtlantic Horse Rescue

Story on DRF about the Retirement of Super Hero Super Hero is also one of our horses described above.

A different and happier horse POOR SHOW AT TRACK EXCELS AT DRESSAGE About Buckingham Place an OTTB now competing in the Rolex 3-Day Event

North Heidelberg woman rescues champions Reading Eagle 4/25/08 About Little Cliff, who used to be trained by Nick Zito, found (and rescued) from killpen at New Holland

Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program Unveiling New Facility The Horse 4/16/08

Rescued Cappucino Kid to Old Friends Bloodhorse 4/4/08. About Cappucino Kid, earner of nearly $250,000, a half-brother to grade I winner and prominent sire Medaglia D’oro,was rescued from a feedlot in Washington and will now live the rest of his life at Old Friends, KY

Activist Says Horse Protection Bill Is Good Horse Sense 7/16/07 Audrey form Saving Horses Inc, CA in the news.

Farewell to horse who became charity flagship SportBlog (The Guardian) UK 1/11/07 Hallo Dandy , winner of the 1984 Grand National, was put down on Monday at the venerable age of 33, leaving the racing world to remember a horse whose story is an equine morality tale....

OTTB Discussions on Internet Forums

Chance to retire Doctor Decherd ABR 9/15/08

1st round of Pimlico Shutdown Horses... ABR 8/15/08 Free horses who need homes...

"Can't Stop the Beat" - one saved from Sugar Creek by PTHR a letter from Can't Stop The Beat's breeder. And the article she was responding to: A Ride To Freedom

6 stallions, 40 preg. mares Needs Help ABR 8/1/08... and here is the media to go with it: Rescue Effort Seeks Help for 46 Horses Bloodhorse 8/3/08, Horse Rescue Saga: Breeder Was 'Lied To' Bloodhorse 8/4/08, Endangered Horses on Way to Being Saved Bloodhorse 8/6/08, Endangered Mares Removed From Feed Lot Bloodhorse 8/15/08 SUCCESS!

Mountaineer Urgent, Sound Tb Mare ABR 7/29/08 SUCCESS!

Two geldings at LaDowns need homes ASAP ABR 7/28/08

Jay Hovdey in DRF - can someone post? ABR 7/26/08 About Champion Lodge who was featured in the DRF article "No place for butchers' little helpers"

Charlestown, WV: 5 yo TB mare sound ABR 7/22/08 SUCCESS!

Urgent: Pa 2yr TB needs home asap ABR 7/19/08 SUCCESS!

Sterling Gold (Won $500K+) For Sale $300 ABR 7/17/08 ...needs to be retired

Just Le Facts ABR 7/16/08 ...needs to be retired

Horse in PA looking for good home ABR 7/15/08 SUCCESS!

OH: New Vocations Charity Horse Show

Mountaineer Stud Needs Home ABR 7/11/08 SUCCESS!

SCTR: 4yo RACEHORSE NEEDS A HOME ABR 7/11/08 A great OTTB prospect, currently with a bowed tendon, in CA SUCCESS!


TRF/Inmates Saving OTTB's ABR 7/6/08

Champion Ask The Lord now Retired! ABR 7/5/08

NJ: 10 OTTBS headed for slaughter- HELP ABR 7/1/08 SUCCESS! An amazing story, now known as the "4th of July-save" (should be in the media soon...)

URGENT..TB's at Sugarcreek NOW! ABR 6/20/08 Rescue mission of 8 TBs, some that ran their last race as little as 4 days ago! SUCCESS! All done in less than 5 hours! As an extra "bonus" to this rescue, a former owner got reunited with her lost horse. Excerpt: I am trying to track down my horse Marquet Gold. I understand you got him out of an auction at Sugar Creek. OH. I sold him with the stipulation I was to be allowed to buy him back if the trainer decided to get rid of him. I was co breeder, and trainer here in Texas. This is the first of my horses I'ver ever sold while they were racing, and the last. When they leave me next time, it will be to retire to my back pasture. And the media story that followed: Fans of Barbaro Save Texas Winner Texas Horse Talk 6/23/08

Secretariat Daughter -- URGENT -- in LA ABR 6/18/08 SUCCESS!


VERY URGENT MOUNTAINEER HORSES ABR 6/13/08 4 TBs need to find homes off the track. SUCCESS!

3yo tb gelding needs home asap ABR 6/12/08 SUCCESS!

Thistledown - 2 geldings ABR 6/11/08 A 9 yo and a 5 yo, sound for riding need homes!!

AC4H-help save 2 TB's ABR 6/10/08 SUCCESS!

Can we help Barbaro's brother Aaron ABR 6/6/08 and the initial thread: Aaron - Half brother of Barbaro... ABR 5/8/08 SUCCESS!

OHIO OTTB's NEED HELP 6/2/08 Five Thoroughbreds, who through networking on the Internet, are finding new homes - thanks to a concerned and devoted owner.

MD: Older TB in MD needs home ASAP! ABR 3/29/08 SUCCESS! Finally - Ben found a home July 17th, 2008 :)

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