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My name is Laura Gilbert. I now reside in Washington state.

Personal Philosophy: "When in doubt, ask a horse." Author Unknown

Horse experience

I have a lifelong love of animals and have volunteered in many capacities whenever I have been able. My "first" horse as a child was a Clevland Bay he left his mark on my soul. I am now an avid supporter of legislation to ban horse slaughter and transport to slaughter.

FOB activities

I have witnessed here on the AB board some amazing efforts to change things for our "National Herd," as well as the lonely souls that call to us. I have watched large organized "official" 501 rescues as well as individuals taking on the huge tasks of helping one horse. Each story adds to the weight of the Legislation "sitting" and waiting...

The rescue of Passion was formulated with the help of FOB's and without them I never would have found out where she had gone or how to even start trying to save her. Without the help of the FOB's Passion would not be alive.

Questions from other FOBs

This this space available for FOBs to ask you questions. Answers can then be worked into the above content if appropriate.