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I live in Las Vegas, NV. I work for a major airline on the ramp loading the aircraft and bringing them into and out of the gates. So please go easy on your luggage if you come to Vegas! HaHa. I am married. I have one child, my weenie dog of almost 8yrs that goes by the name of Chico. His registered name is Chico my Main Little Man. I also just adopted an OTTB. His name is Galt, and he is a great grandson of the legendary Seattle Slew on his sire's side. He is a 17hh bay gelding, with the most laid back, and gentle personality a horse could have. I think he likes people more so then other horses!

Horse experience

Not to indepth. I rode alot as a kid, and spent alot of time with horses. I know the basics and constantly learning, and reading all the time. Want to learn everything I can about horses, horse care, and wellbeing.

FOB activities

I support all rescues that are in the trenches everyday helping, and saving these wonderful animals everyday. I am a huge supporter of Shiloh Horse Rescue in Sandy Valley, NV about 30 miles south of Vegas. They are among the top notch large rescues in this country. My mother and I are regular volunteers to the ranch to help out with the 150+ horses that call Shiloh home. I help out monetarily when I can, and try and help out with Equine Senior feed, and lactating mare feed when we can. I try to help out other FOB involved rescues either monetarily or emotional cheerleading when I can.

FOB Network

Other FOBs you have developed a network with through your activities.

Questions from other FOBs

This this space available for FOBs to ask you questions. Answers can then be worked into the above content if appropriate.